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Tri-State Geese Patrol’s mission is to facilitate, preserve, and lead the field in professional Canada goose management techniques using trained Border Collies for commercial, government, and private entities.

We believe the key to a successful goose management program is possessing the ability to evaluate current techniques and implement adjustments while simultaneously assessing all possible choices.

In essence, Canada goose management involves the psychological conditioning of nuisance Canada geese to believe that a location is an undesirable habitat. Tri-State Geese Patrol accomplishes this with random visits with trained Border Collies at appropriate times in order to deceive the geese into assuming that the Border Collie is always present and may appear at any given time.


Geese, as beautiful and magical as they are, have become an enormous threat and nuisance to land and business owners. Huge gaggles of geese migrate all across this country, especially in our Connecticut. These birds cause numerous issues for airports, public property locations, picnic areas and so many other public, and private areas. Nobody wants to go to a swimming or picnic location that's littered with goose droppings as far as the eye can see. It's a very disgusting experience and unless you do something to entice them to move on, they will stay as long as they want and continue to be a pest. They are also very threatening to airports. When these gaggles of geese lift off the ground into their popular flight pattern, they cause a very serious threat to airplanes. These birds can block the views of the pilots and/or even worse, get caught in the planes engines that could cause a serious accident in the air or even just sitting on the runway.

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